When we get down to business, here's all the good stuff we'll cover together*:

  • Childbirth: 
    • What makes birth work - understanding the hormonal blueprint of labor and birth
    • Baby's journey through the birth canal & stages of labor 
    • Preparing your birth plan & making choices that support the natural birth process
    • Common labor variations & how to encourage progress
    • How to cope with contractions - including lots of hands on practice with partner
    • The role of partners and how they can best support mom in labor
    • Overcoming fear & anxiety about birth 
    • Pelvic mapping + Belly mapping
    • Potential complications & interventions including cesarean birth
    • Options/choices for home birth, hospital birth and birth center birth
    • How to ask questions, advocate for yourself and become an active participant in your care
  • Breastfeeding:  
    • The lowdown on milk production
    • How to position & latch your baby onto the breast, painlessly 
    • Reading your baby's cues & feeding according to you and your baby's unique rhythm
    • How to know your baby is eating well
    • Preventing engorgement, soreness and other potential problems (and what to do if it happens)
    • An eye to the future: how/when to use a pump, storing expressed milk and weaning
  • Postpartum Transition + Newborn Baby Care: -
    • A midwife's guide to healing after birth
    • Helpful details for before baby comes: nutrition, registry, choosing care provider, making a postpartum plan
    • The first 24 hours: immediate newborn care procedures, baby's first day of life
    • Crying/Calming: how babies communicate their needs and how you can soothe them
    • Feeding
    • Bathing
    • Diapering
    • Sleeping
    • Parent Self Care 
  • You'll walk away with:
    • A simple, effective and flexible template for coping with intense labor
    • Birth partners realizing the true power and importance of their role
    • Homework (and play!) for a better birth
    • Feeling relaxed and centered in your body, connected to each other and your baby and well prepare for birth and beyond

*The Babymoon Retreat classes are appropriate for all couples whether planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, in the hospital, birth center, or at home. 

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About your Santa Barbara instructor, Kate Coletti (LM, CMT)

I draw from my 15 years of practical experience in the birth community: as a midwife, prenatal yoga instructor, massage therapist and prenatal massage instructor, doula trainer, and through my own birthing experience. Our class time together extends far beyond the basics to offer you inspiring birth wisdom. My goal is to give you a very customizable template for coping with the intensity of labor and having the best birth experience possible.