Why Babymoon?


You're eagerly anticipating baby --registry is ready, shower is planned and the nursery is coming together-- and everything revolves around the arrival of your little bundle. But what if you added yourself to the list? 

A babymoon is a chance for an expecting couple, usually first-time parents, to get away and have one last hurrah before baby makes three. Before I started The Babymoon Retreat, I created a boutique parenting center in Austin, Texas. And in my years of working with expecting and new parents you know what I saw again and again? They were run ragged before baby even arrived. Moms and their partners were spending their last free weekday evenings and weekends going from class to class to workshop to prepare for their new baby. Add to that the demands of regular work and life and it's no wonder everyone's eyes start to glaze over after a while! 

But I figured there had to be a smarter, more engaging and more fun way to get ready for baby. By combining that sweet couple connection of your babymoon plus all the comprehensive classes you need to prepare for birth and beyond, The Babymoon Retreat rejuvenates your relationship while building your confidence in bringing home baby. Let's unpack 4 good reasons to take a babymoon:


This is #1 for a reason! In case you hadn't heard, newborn babies have radically different sleep needs than adults. And even beyond those first several weeks of waking every 2 hours, when experts say "sleep through the night" that's measured by baby sleeping for just 5 hours (not the 8 hours many new parents dream of). Imagine the 500 thread count sheets, downy duvet and fluffy pillows of your resort and all the good sleeping-in you'll get to do on your babymoon (plus, someone else makes the bed!)


Pregnancy tends to really focus on mom and baby (rightfully so!) but what about partner? And, with a new baby, time alone as a couple is minimal as you focus your full energy on caring for your sweet babe and also meeting your own needs for sleep and nourishment. Your babymoon is a super sweet chance to reconnect, reminisce about how far you've come together and daydream about what your new life will look like. 


This one should go without saying but don't we all love to get away now and again? Forget about work and the daily grind by getting totally unplugged and totally indulgent. 5 days to indulge in massage, yoga, belly-pleasing food, fresh air and swimming under blue skies. Yes, please!

Less Stress

Here's where The Babymoon Retreat is really special. You don't have to sacrifice your precious evenings and weekends to taking multiple classes at home (which, if we're being honest, you often have to squeeze in around your work schedule + baby showers, holidays and all the other things that keep life full). We've got it all lined up for you! Our program includes the very best instruction in childbirth, breastfeeding and baby care so that you feel 110% prepared to welcome your little bundle. 

We hope to see you October 25-30, 2016 for our next Babymoon Retreat.

Early bird registration goes through August 31st and saves you $500!



Did you take a babymoon? Tell us where you went in the comments below!